Te Pari Racewell HD3 Behandlungssystem


The Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler is a highly efficient precision sheep management tool for any sheep producer.

This top line model can weigh and draft fully automatically by weight or EID and also undertake a variety of other tasks such as dagging, capsule dosing, drenching and tagging.

The patented adjustable optical sensors allow various ‘catch positions’ for the sheep depending on the task to be carried out. The Racewell HD3 Sheep handler is the perfect tool to help you produce prime product while increasing profitability and management efficiency.

The Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler is the No. 1 machine for precision sheep management!


• 3 way Manual or Auto weighing and drafting
• 4 function radio remote control
• 3 operating modes for different speed situations
• Adjustable clamp pressure
• Rubber floor
• 4 optical sensors to control catch position
• Optional hydraulic trailer system
• Optional foot pedal clamp control


Ideal for:

• Manual or fully automated drafting by weight range or EID
• Limited labour situations
• Clean/dirty sorting of sheep using remote
• Standing crutch or side crutch if tilt fitted
• Capsule drenching and inoculating
• Manual read and application of ear tags
• Mouthing and checking udders
• Weighing and rapid dagging

Gewicht : 425,00 kg
Te Pari Racewell HD3 Behandlungssystem
€ 13.550,00
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