Te Pari Racewell HD4 Behandlungssystem


The new Te Pari Racewell HD4  is a fully automatic sheep system with 4 way drafting. Based on the well proven Racewell HD3 Handler the new HD4 model has several significant upgrades.

The lead up race has an automatic backing hook that is activated by a magic eye preventing the sheep backing and improving the flow into the handler. The 4th drafting option allows the user to continue a regular 3 way sort of lambs based on weight and use the 4th exit as an option for any animals needing extra attention such as missing tags, illness or for ewes if running through with the lambs. This handler also features an upgraded dashboard and radio remote control that controls all functions.

The Te Pari Racewell HD4 Behandlungssystem is a leader in its class and deserves serious consideration for producers looking for efficient handling and extensive drafting capability.


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Gewicht : 425,00 kg
Te Pari Racewell HD4 Behandlungssystem
€ 14.750,00