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Home Feed barriers for sheep and goat Headlocks

Headlocks can be used for sheep and goats. Animal will enter the headgate and will push down the locker which prevent that the animal can go out agian. These headgates can take away some feed stress and prevent from bullying between animals during feeding. The animal will lock itself and can only released by controlling the handle. Different options are available like columns and feeding trough We produce different throat sizes for sheep and goat.


The big difference between Milking headlocks and the ‘standard’ headlocks is the way of opening. Milking headgates work with a cascading system. The first animal enters a stand and will open the next stand besides him for the second animal. This will go on till all stands are filled and milking can start. When finished you can open all stands together by pulling the control handle.Before producing the milking headlock elements we need to know from which side the sheep or goats will enter! For the standard headlock elements it does not matter.