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New products

New products from Veno barn equipment for sheep and goats. Veno looks at the welfare of the animals and at the customers / sheep / goat /cattle farmer! We have the right feed barrier or Treatment system for the customer. The welfare for humans and animals is paramount. New items that Veno produces are innovations, improvements to products or dimensions of feed barriers. By listening carefully to the needs of the customers, therefore we can make our products much better for you and your animal.

New sheep products from Veno barnequipment

New items that Veno produces are innovations for feeding or handling sheep and goats. But also improvements on existing products or additions to our range of feed fences, gates and hayracks. Veno tries to serve the market as  good as possible. For our advice we will use our acquired knowledge and experience from the past of more than 25 years. We produce in our own factory in the Netherlands.

Many new items give you the opportunity to work easier and ergonomically. Then it comes down to working efficiently: Less stress to the animals, easy feeding and less waste of feed.

New articles from Veno barn equipment give an impression of our recently developed products. Take a look in the other categories on the Venostal website. About feeding belts, treatment products, shearing materials and the products for lambing / maternity.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contacts us: call 0229544100 or mail to veno@veno-degoorn.nl