Feeding belt

  • For sheep and goat
  • Load the feed on the belt from one side.
  • Clean feeding.
  • Time saving while feeding
  • Optimal surface use in your barn.
  • Has a return circuit therefore the feeding belt runs itself empty.
  • The feeding belt can be installed in every barn.
  • The feeding belt can stand on a flat floor.
  • Speed adjustable.
  • Variable sizes from 5 mtr to 100 mtr.
  • all metal parts are galvanized.
  • The electric power is 220 V or 380 V, located in the length of the feeding belt.


  • Options:
    • Straw trolley
    • Automatic feeding trolley
    • Closing system for feeding fence
    • Remote control
    • Drinking troughs on the feeding fence
    • Electric eye for forage

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Feeding belt

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Feeding belt
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