Multifunktionella släpvagn till får L = 3,10 m is approved for all European roads (CoC)


Very user-friendly basic trailer that we can build for you with various treatment equipment such as:

  • Med hanteringsränna og grindar
  • Weigh and draft crate with 3 way manual gate
  • Ovibus treatment conveyor
  • Te Pari Racewell DR3 Auto Sheep Drafter
  • Te Pari Racewell DR5 Auto Sheep Drafter
  • Optionally other options possible in consultation!


Features and possibilities:

  • The entire frame can be slide from the trailer.
  • The trailer works with the help of a tilt system.
  • It takes only a few seconds to slide the frame with the attached product from the trailer.
  • The frame can be winched onto the trailer using a winch system.
  • The trailer is unrestrained and has a maximum permissible weight of 750 kg.
  • Dimensions of the trailer: L = 4,65 m, W = 1,90 m.
  • The system is CoC approved and is permitted on all European roads!


If you have any questions call +31 (0) 229544100 or mail us

Vikt : 363,49 kg
€ 3.500,00

Multifunktionella släpvagn till får L = 3,10 m

Artikelnr. MST 3.1
Multifunktionella släpvagn till får L = 3,10 m
€ 3.500,00
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