Te Pari V10 Injection gun


The Te Pari Revolution Injector is a high-workload, battery powered, easy-to-use, hand-held and fully portable device that assures delivery of injectable medications in a variety of livestock species, including cattle and sheep. Because the device is light-weight and fully portable, an entire herd or flock can be injected quickly and efficiently. The V10 Standard model is designed for manual calibration on the digital keypad while the V20 Smart model receives an auto calculated dose rate from the Te Pari scale for weigh dependant medications. The Te Pari Revolution Injector is powered by twin lightweight rechargeable Li-ion batteries capable of 1000+ injections per charge, making it ideal for large volume producers.


In addition to improving injection speed, the Revolution Injector also prevents repetitive hand strain and injuries often suffered by workers. Only minimal force is needed to pull the trigger, allowing for delivery of large quantities of injections without fatigue. Combined with complete freedom of movement for the individual delivering injections (no additional components are needed such as air lines or compressors), this translates to improved injection performance and efficiency.


• Statistics button shows delivered doses and volume used
Manual calibration
• Electronically controlled dosage 1.0 – 28 ml (adjustable in .1 ml increments)
• Standard 14 ml Barrel with integrated inlet/outlet valve
• Sound alert for completed dose
• Ability to draw from larger bottles through standard tubing


• Able to perform over 1,000 injections per battery charge, eliminating down-time and increasing efficiency.
• The injector can administer any vaccine or medication intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intra-dermally/trans-dermally
• Does not require an external power source such as CO2 or compressed air, with no connection to heavy tanks, bottles, regulators or power cords.


• Barrel Size: 14 ml, Dose Accuracy: +/-0.2 ml
• Battery Life: Over 1,000 10 ml shots appx.
• Dose size: .1 ml – 28 ml (14 ml or more in 2 shots)
• Optional 70 ml barrel for pour on and drench (upgrade to Te Pari G10 Dosing gun)

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Te Pari V10 Injection gun

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Te Pari V10 Injection gun
€ 700,00